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Date of Birth: February 9, 1982 (33 years)
Email: [email protected]
Skype: leonidsopov
Мarried and have children.

Work permit on today only in Russia and Repbulic of Belarus.
Ready to move in other cities or countries.


  • Strong leadership skills and desire to mentor collegues.
  • Have programmed in Perl since 2003 as student.
  • 10+ years (since 2005) of commercial experience developing websites on Perl.
  • Experience developing high-volume web-based systems with many dependencies.
  • Familiarity with Perl, Regexp, MySQL, SVN, Apache, nginx, etc.
  • Perl experience: OO, Regexp, CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl, CPAN, Mason, Memcached, DBI, DBIx::SearchBuilder, LWP, etc.
  • *nix experience: FreeBSD, Linux, bash, grep, sed, etc.
  • Other web experience: HTML/XHTML, XML, RSS, CSS, SSI, JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, etc
  • Can install and configuring proftpd, bind, and any other required web service on *nix or *bsd.

Acronis | Moscow // Acronis, Inc. is an international computer software company, dealing in the area of computer backup, disaster recovery, bare-metal restore, system deployment, and storage management in both Windows and Linux systems.

Web Architect | begin with Jul 2012 — present time
Architect of Web development team

Web Project Manager | Dec 2010 — Jul 2012 (~ 1.5 years)
Head of Web development team

  • Manage of department (In team 6 direct report employees), weekly meetings face2face with employees of team.
  • My team started using Agile development methodologies (a month later, as I became a manager)
  • Launched single documentation system (7 global items, more 100 articles, through the quarter, after running this system, every month added ~ 30-50 new articles).
  • Business trip in US (Chicago IL, Boston/Woburn MA) for 3 weeks in summer 2011. Meeting with two companies of interest to our company.
  • Launched into operation a JIRA as task tracker and project planning. All tasks for our department created via JIRA. Separated JIRA to two projects. Every month we have more 100 new requests.
  • Introduced the division of tasks by type for planning and forecasting. As a result we not have not one not completed project in due date (avg. 6-10 project every month)

Senior Perl Developer | Feb 2008 — Dec 2010 (~ 3 years)
Support and development Web Infrastructure of company

  • Integration of «Access control systems» into Intranet. Calculation every day ~ 12 000 transaction, how long time worked employee in day, week, month, cleaned time in offie, auto checking  errors.
  • Integration of authorization via Active Directory with web systems. More 800 employees used this system every day.
  • SAX parser for internal language generated web sites (growth speed parsing of text more in 10 times (compare with previous system)
  • Launch a new program for Partners (web side). Partner program is high priority for company.
  • Development of modules for, Online Backup, Intranet, etc. (dozens of systems)
  • And lots of others things…

Career growth:
Junior Perl Developer since Feb, 2008 (half year)
Perl Developer since Aug, 2008  (one year)
Senior Perl Developer since Aug, 2009 (one year)
Head of web development team since Dec, 2010 (current time, one year+)

Campus Cru. Russia | Moscow, Krasnoyarsk // Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational Christian organization that promotes evangelism and discipleship in more than 190 countries around the world. In 1996, USA Today called Campus Crusade the largest evangelical organization in the United States. Today, the organization employs over 25,000 full-time missionaries and has trained 225,000 volunteers around the world.

Making websites as freelancer | 2007 (more than a year)

  • HTML/Perl Coding
  • Configuring the server
  • Negotiations with designers
  • Support, trainings, etc

Metadesign LLC. | Krasnoyarsk // Webstudio, creating web site for large companies (such as TV company, Cellular (mobile) operator, global energetic company, etc) in Krasnoyarsk, leading company (web studio) in the city.

Perl Developer | Feb 2005 — Dec 2006 (~ 2 years)
Web site development on Perl.

  • Wrote the code for most sites runned by the studio (~20 websites in 2 years: 2005 / 2006).
  • Created a searchengine (robot of indexing, morphology search, updating the modified pages).
  • Created a system of advertising. Every day this system showed more 1.5 millions banners.
  • Organization online broadcasting in internet Drag racing, with fixing others issues.


Krasnoyarsky State University, Mathematics and Informatics | 2001 — 2004 (3 years)
University no degree. Leaving the education after 3 years and I went to work as Perl developer in Metadesign.

Krasnoyarsky Technical school of Space Engineering, Automated control systems | 1997 — 2001  (4 years)
Vocational School Degree. All aspects of Computer Science.

High School degree | 1989 — 1997
Standart for Russia school degree.



You can send me message to [email protected].

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