сегодня зашел на офиц канал саппота хчата и чучуть потупил.. просил кряк для 2,4,1

* Topic for #xchat is: X-Chat IRC Client 2.4.1 | http://www.xchat.org/ | the channel with most joins/quits and A/S/L asking peoples
* Topic for #xchat set by [email protected] at Tue Mar 15 19:25:44 2005
* kurumin ([email protected]) has joined #xchat
[leonidas] re
[leonidas] where find crack for xchat 2.4.1?
[leonidas] in me xchat soon will cease to work
[leonidas] help me crack xchat 2.4.1
* You have been kicked from #xchat by _Monster (dont ask for crack)
* Now talking on #xchat
[leonidas] sorry
[leonidas] _Monster, i don’t have money… for register xchat.. help me, plz
[_Monster] leonidas, then use 2.0.10
[_Monster] that one is for free
[leonidas] _Monster, for download on xchat.org only 2.4.1
[leonidas] also in 2.0.10 have bugs
[_Monster] http://www.xchat.org/windows/
[_Monster] here you can download 2.0.10
[leonidas] _Monster, in 2.0.10 bugs
[leonidas] this version no work in my pc
[_Monster] with 2.0.10c i never had problems
[leonidas] _Monster, i say on forum.. my pc new configuration
[leonidas] 2.0.10 working 1-2h and my pc have blue dead screen
[leonidas] _Monster, help me plz!!!
[_Monster] leonidas, what windows did you use
[leonidas] _Monster, windows 2003 server version + russian cracking service pack
[_Monster] leonidas, why you dont install linux, its free and xchat is free for it too
[leonidas] _Monster, linux wery hard OS
[_Monster] windows too
[_Monster] you must learn every os
[leonidas] _Monster, i don’t want use linux
[_Monster] leonidas, no problem, then you must use other windows or pay for xchat
[leonidas] _Monster, i don’t have money… i russian student… my university pay me $ 15 per m
[_Monster] hard
[leonidas] legal windows = min $ 200
[_Monster] but i can do nothing for you
[_Monster] here winxp cost 100$
[leonidas] _Monster, i live in russia
[_Monster] leonidas, i dont care if you use a copy from windows
[leonidas] please help me. you can pay for me?
[_Monster] same with xchat, dont come to xchat and ask for a key
[leonidas] for xchat
[_Monster] no
[_Monster] sorry

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